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Fresh Baked  ||  Wholesome Ingredients  ||  No Preservatives  ||  Local Business

||  Freshly Baked Always  ||   Your order (being a personal or wholesale order) will be baked the same day as delivery. Always. It's just the way we do things!

||  Wholesome Ingredients Are A Must  ||   Yes to: Whole Oats - Vegetables - Fruits - Agave - Coconut Oil - Beans - Super Foods + Spices + So Many More    ||   No to: Oils - White Flours - Cane Sugar - Corn Syrup + Etc.

||  No Preservatives ||   No means no, no need to add preservatives or additives when it's not needed. Keep it fresh 🍃

||  Local, Local, Local!  ||   A small business located in Wilmington, NC. We want our community to have access to healthy wholesome products! Stay updated on upcoming community projects on our FB + IG pages!

The Sweet Tooth That Started It

Charlotte Groshon


Cravings started because I have the biggest sweet tooth EVER! I don't know if you're like me, but after every meal I need something sweet. It's something I've always been known to do.. "Lunch was great but... where's the cookies?" I could easily live off cookies. 

A few years ago, I competed in a fitness show and that's when I realized healthy & WHOLESOME sweets were NOT available. That's when I started to look at what's really in the foods that we eat (and became slightly obsessed). A lot of products say they are "healthy" + "sugar-free"; the packaging and labeling make it look as though we are doing good for our bodies. In reality, they are just as bad as the candy bar its sitting next to on the shelf. Take a look at those ingredients and all the hidden sugars within: barley malt, dextrose, maltose, rice syrup, and the list goes on. It's doesn't matter what form it's in, it's still added sugar.

That’s where Cravings comes in to save the day.. well your sweet tooth at least! I want to create snacks that are nutritious and wholesome without sacrificing taste! I hope you enjoy this sweet adventure with me  ❤

Where To Find Our Snacks

     || Midtown||    

Tidal Creek Co-op : 5329 Oleander Dr # 100

Grinders Caffe : 890 S Kerr Ave #2b

Social Coffee & Supply : 5317 Wrightsville Ave

Spill : 1207 S Kerr, Suite 1

     || The Forum ||    

Kale Me Crazy : 6800 Parker Farm Dr Unit 100

     || Downtown ||    

Bespoke Coffee : 202 Princess St

Luna Cafe : 604 Castle St

Bodega : 1222 S 3rd St

      ||Wrightsville Beach||

SUNdays : 708 B Lumina Ave S

Surf Berry : 222 Causeway Dr

      || Carolina Beach ||

     || North on 17 ||  

Salt Marsh Market

Matter More Coffee : 15919 US-17 Unit G

     || Ocean Isle ||

Delilah's Brew And Chew : 7207 Beach Drive SW

If you have any ideas on a location near you, please don't hesitate to offer your opinion! We want to be where you want to be!

Wilmington, NC

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